Bobath Concept

What is the Bobath Concept?

The Bobath Concept is the most commonly used neurological approach in the UK, for the management of an individual's physical problems following a neurological event such as stroke or traumatic spinal cord injury. The Bobath Concept is a problem-solving approach which utilises an in-depth knowledge of human movement, the impact of a lesion to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and selective therapeutic guidance to optimise an individual’s movement and functional potential. The ability for all individuals to plastically adapt and learn from new experiences and challenges is harnessed in therapy to promote recovery following injury. The Bobath Concept can be applied to individuals of all ages with any type of neurological deficit.

All the physiotherapists working at Optimise Neurotherapy Centre are not only highly specialist in the area of neurorehabilitation but are qualified to an advanced level in the Bobath Concept. Sue Raine, Clinical Director at 'Optimise', is one of a small number of Bobath Tutors within the UK qualified to teach the Introductory and Basic Bobath Courses and has an MSc in the Bobath Concept.


British Bobath Tutors Association (BBTA)
International Bobath Instructors Training Association (IBITA)
Manchester Neurotherapy Centre

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Sue Raine is Clinical Director of Optimise Neurotherapy

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